Article 1: Organizer of the game

The company XXXX, ( Siret XXX XXX XXX XXXXX), situated at the address organizes a quiz. This game competition takes place of the date of the beginning, date of the end of the competition inclusive midnight, in the conditions planned in the present regulation.

Article 2: Participation

This free game is opened to every natural, major person and resident in metropolitan France with the exception of the staff of the organizing companies administrators and of control, and their family. Offer limited to a single participation by home (the same address, the same name) on the duration of the game.

The participation in the game pulls the pure and simple acceptance of the present regulation.

Article 3: announcement of the game

This game will be available on modality of distribution (ex: the web site www. – Bulletins available it magazins, by calling N ° 0800 XX XX XX-).

Article 4: definition and value of the subsidy

Is involved:

1st prize:

Detailed description + value of the subsidy(endowment) retail price TTC

2nd Prize:

Detailed description + value of the subsidy retail price TTC

3rd Prize:

Detailed description + value of the subsidy retail price TTC

Of the 4th at the 10th Prize:

Bag has detailed descriptive back = value of the subsidy retail price TTC…

The organizing company cannot be held responsible for any defects or failures of the subsidies.

The subsidies will be directly sent to the winners at the address that they will have communicated during their inscription with the organizing company. These subsidies can be on no account exchanged for their value in sort or for quite other subsidy.

Article 5: Modalities of participation

5.1 The participation in the game is exclusively made modality article 2). As such, any registration by phone TV, fax or e-mail other one than the proposed form of registration cannot be taken into account. To participate audit game, every person correctly has to perform the various proposed fields (in particular name, first name, complete address, phone number, e-mail before the deadline of participation).

Any in particular incomplete, illegible participation, with address and phone number inaccurate or sent after date DATES FINE COMPETITION(HELP). Nobody will be considered as.

The will of turned out fraud or the attempt of deceit demonstrated by a participant, in particular, by the creation of false identities allowing to join several times can be sanctioned by the formal ban and challenge nitive to participate in the drawing lots.

5.2 To participate in the drawing lots, the participant


5.3 The prize-winner will be the one or the one who will have given all the good answers to the game, will be made.

5.4 In case of equally, decides between him candidates will be made by drawing lots in the ministerial study of the officer indicated to the article 12.


5.5 The organizer will inform the winners by (letter, e-mail, telephone) in them X days following the drawing lots. Without answer by mail on behalf of the winner under 15 days from the reception of the registered letter, the subsidy will be lost for the participant.

Article 6: Right in the image

Because of the acceptance of his prize, the winner authorizes the organizer to use his names, first names, address and phone number and possibly photography in any promotional demonstration bound to the present game without this use can give rise in any counterparty other one than the won prize.

Article 7: Modification of the dates of the game and the extension of the number of subsidies

The Irish Tourism would not know how to incur any responsibility if, in case of force either of events independent from his will, she was to bring to cancel the present game, to reduce it, or to prolong him, or to put back him, or to modify the conditions.

Article 8: check of the identity

The participants authorize any check concerning their identity and their place of residence. These checks will be made in the strict respect for the article 9 of the civil code. Any indication of identity or falsified address, false, deceitful, incorrect, inaccurate entails the elimination of the participant.

Article 9: Interpretation of the regulation

The participation in this game involves the full and whole acceptance of the modalities expressed in the present settle lies. The organizer company will answer no question concerning the practical modalities of the game during all his duration.

The organizing company will cut supremely any relative question with care of the present regulation or any question which would come to settle, not settled by this one. These decisions will be without appeal.

Article 10: Law ” Computing and Liberties “

The address and phone number of the participants will be collected and treated by computer. According to the law ” Computing and Liberties ” of January 6th, 1978, every participant has a right of access, rectification or even radiation of the name specific information concerning it by writing at the address of the game specified in the article 11.

Article 11: mailing address of the game

The mailing address of the game is:

Send organizing company or Agence sends advice

Article 12: Name of the bailiff

The participants in this game accept the completeness of the present regulation which is put downon the site games. The regulation of the operations is sent, for free, to every person who makes it the request, écri-vant at the address specified in the article 11, or can be consulted on the site to www.jeux-et-ré Pays off it lies relative expenses of postage at the request of regulation (stamp in the current slow price rate – base 20g) can be obtained on simple written demand for the address of the game such as specified in the article 15, during all the duration of the game, by joining necessarily a RIB (bank retails) or RIP within the limits of a refund, for all the duration of the game, by home (the same name, the same address, the same bank retails).